Barangay San Francisco was probably founded by Don Cristobal Lacson. It was cleared and he become part of his landholdings stretching all the way up to present barrio San Pedro. After he died, it was inherited by his sons. San Francisco has two major sitios, Tambacan (composed of present Tambacan, sitios Mapacu, Batiawan and Calubsuban) and Camachilles (present Camachilles and Mabato Bato) Tambacan was equally divided by Manuel Lacson and his brother, Aniceto Lacson both who served gobernadorcillos (mayors) of Magalang; while Camachilles was inherited by Doroteo Lacson. After Manuel died, the land was auctioned to the couple, Fernando Tayag and Elena Paras; one of the first settlers of present barrio La Paz. In 1892, the Tayag couple mortgaged their land to Isidoro Santos of San Fernando, Pampanga. After the occupation of American forces in Magalang, and due to their difficulties to settle the mortgage, Isidoro Santos took over their lands and it was inherited by his son, Amado Santos. San Francisco witnessed the one of the fiercest battles in Magalang during Philippine-American war, when the Americans led by Major General Arthur MacArthur and Colonel Jacob Smith (he was also responsible of the infamous Balangiga Massacre) successfully captured the battle lines of Major General Servillano Aquino's forces. They killed and wounded 100 defenders and captured 50 prisoners. San Francisco was also one of the hotbeds of the insurgency in Magalang during the late 1960s. Faustino del Mundo (aka Commander Sumulong) established his brief quarters in San Francisco and his some of his men. Today, San Francisco once again attained his brightest star in terms of religiosity when they received the extraordinary gifts that will further nourished their faith; the relics of St. Francis of Assisi. San Francisco is one of the barangays of Magalang whom its historicity and contribution to the local history was almost forgotten and it will try to re established its significance.

San Francisco Primary School S.Y. 1964-1965 provided by Mamangun Family

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