Members of Mountain Side Club Standing (L-R):
Francisco Gamboa, Enrique Baluyut, Dr. Claro Ayuyao, Onofre Lacson
Nicasio Lacson and Onofre Mercado. Sitting (L-R):
Maria Elvira Luciano, Avelina Laxamana, Remedios Santos, Gilda Dizon,
Paz Gueco, Rosario Luciano and Rafaela Sanchez
Members of local elites in Pampanga are known for their stunning beauty, like woman would flaunt their best jewelry, gowns, and ternos, and men were would elegantly dress in their formal attire, and dance the night away. According to John Larkin, town and provincial social clubs demonstrated how the native upper class flourished under the new regime. These organizations are exclusive to the elites, provided among other things an opportunity for young single adults to socialize with and meet others of the same age and class. He added that Kapampangan elite turned their attention to peer group organizations, politics and extra political acivities. They resolved many if their economic and political problems by banding together into various agricultural organizations and political parties. Some examples of social groups like Young Generation in Macabebe, Kundiman and K ning K in Angeles, El Circulo Pampangueño, Club Limbangan, Ing BarangayClub Cervantino de San Fernando, Vinta Fernandina and El Circulo Fernandino in San Fernando, Thomasian in Sto Tomas, Masaya in Arayat, Batu Balani, Phi Beta and Maligaya in Guagua, Club Batala, Matula, Four Scathers, Circulo Escenico, Aficionados de Bacolor and Mekeni Club in Bacolor, Sporting Club in Candaba and Ing Masibucan in Concepcion, Tarlac. In Magalang, there are some various social elite clubs formed in the late 20s until early 30s. The examples of social elite clubs formed in Magalang are:

Standing (L-R):
Dr. Andres J. Luciano, Belen Gueco, Generosa Dizon, Filomena Baluyut
Arsenia Calma, Maria Feliciano, Florencia Feliciano and Rosa Luciano.
a. Mountain Side Club

Mountain Side Club was formed in 1928. This social elite club was the most prominent in Magalang in its heyday. The annual ball of this club was held in every last week of April or early week of May; and this was one of the kind in Magalang and in whole Pampanga. The venue of the ball was held either in the Magalang Auditorium or in the town plaza. It was reported by the Spanish daily, La Vanguardia that the 1933 ball, celebrated its fifth anniversary and the officers of the club are: Francisco Gamboa, president; Carina L. Luciano, vice president; Carolina P. Feliciano, treasurer and Ernesto Dizon, secretary. The guest of the April 16, 1933 ball, are the former members who are newly weds like Architect Fernando H. Ocampo and Lourdes M. Luciano; Jose Gueco and Patricia Lopez; Paul V. Limjengco and Humildad Wijangco; Dr. Conrado D. Ayuyao and Josefina Rodrigo (sister of former senator Francisco "Soc" Rodrigo); Raul Tecson and Virgilia Luciano; Florentino Sazon and Ocilia Lacson; Rafael Lazatin and Loreto P. Feliciano; and Emilio B. Lacson and Atanasia P. Lacson; plus with distinguished guests from Manila like 1929 Señorita Filipinas; Ms. Engracia Laconico, 1932 Señorita Filipinas; Ms. Emma Zamora and 1933 Señorita Filipinas; Ms. Pacita de los Reyes. Some prominent politicians are also distinguished guests in this annual ball like, Justice and Mrs. Jose Abad Santos, Senators Sotero Baluyut and Senator Benigno Aquino, Sr. and their wives, Pampanga governor Pablo Angeles David and Pasudeco President and Mrs. Jose de Leon.

Guests of Mountain Side Club: Sitting (L-R)
Doña Trinidad de Leon-Roxas, Dr. and Mrs. Jose del Rosario,
Senator Benigno Aquino, Sr. and Doña Aurora Aquino
In 1934 annual ball, it was more sophisticated with spectacular guests from the fields of politics and business. The ball was held in a constructed auditorium in town plaza decorated with poly-chrome lights. The lounge was painted with Japanese summer scenes with Japanese lanterns, gave more color to the lounge. The new officers of the club are, Dr. Claro D. Ayuyao, president, Gilda Dizon de Genuino, vice president, Rafaela Sanchez, treasurer and Nicasio L. Lacson, secretary. The distinguished guests of this annual ball are: Doña Trinidad de Leon-Roxas, wife of future president Manuel A. Roxas, Senator and Mrs. Benigno Aquino, Sr., Senator and Mrs. Sotero Baluyut, Justice Eduardo Gutierrez David, 1934 Miss Philippines, Clarita Tan Kiang, 1930 Miss Philippines, Monina Acuña and 1931 Miss Philippines Engracia Laonico, Pampanga Governor and Mrs. Pablo Angeles David, and many others came from distinguished families from different towns of Pampanga. In the same year also, the club was restructured into two groups, the Junior Mountain Side Club and Senior Mountain Side Club. The junior group held an spectacular Balintawak dance ball held at the residence of Catalina A. Gueco.

Ladies of Mountain Side Club, standing (L-R):
Filomena Baluyut, Paciencia Gomez, Rosario Luciano, Monina Acuña,
Belen Gueco, Clarita Tan Kiang, Engracia Laconico, Gilda Dizon and Fe Lagdameo
The 1935 annual ball of the club was held in Magalang Auditorium. The music ball was played by Orquesta Ylaya, and the distinguished guests of the ball are: future president Sergio Osmeña, Don Honorio Ventura, Jose Fausto and members from distinguished families came from Pampanga, Bulacan, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija and Manila. The club awarded Gloria S. Dizon as the best mestisa costume while Lucy Pamintuan was awarded as the best European costume. The officers of the club are Amado Luciano, president, Rita Gueco , vice president, Dr. Salvador Gueco, secretary and Estrella Wijangco, treasurer. In 1936 annual ball, the ball was mostly organized by the Junior Mountain Side Club with the cooperation of Senior Mountain Side club. The organizers are Gertrudes Gueco, Josefina Luciano, Rosario Tumang, Consuelo Wijangco, Catalina Gueco, Purita Mercado, Virgilio Lacson, Wilson Gueco, Isidoro Chancoco, Martin Mercado, Ernesto Dayrit and Orencio Gueco. The theme of the ball was Dance in a Rose. The ladies wore pink ternos and the orchestra played special repertoire like Rose Marie, The Rose in Hair, Rose of the Rancho, So Red the Rose, Roses in the Rain, Moonlight and Roses, I Sent My Love With Rose, Rosa Mia, Roses of Picardy, You Gave Me A Rose and many others. Lucy Pamintuan and Filomena Baluyut won special prizes in this ball. The annual balls of Mountain Side Club was temporarily halted during the Japanese period. It was resumed after the war. During the 50s annual balls, the distinguished guests of Mountain Side Club are future president Diosdado P. Macapagal, future first lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos, Rogelio dela Rosa and other big stars from business and movie industries. The Mountain Side Club marked its end in 1963, after an incident when the alleged Huks assassinated Mayor Benedicto T. Dayrit in the annual ball of the club in December 28, 1963. After that incident, the prestigious Mountain Side Club never recovered from the shocks of Huk terror. In recent years, some of the prominent Magaleños attempted to revive this prestigious club, but failed.

b. Ing E-Malulumpawi

This small elite club was founded by Justice Conrado R. Gwekoh. The Spanish daily La Vanguardia reported that this club organized a splendid grand ball in the municipal hall of Magalang for the newly bar passer, the future justice Augusto M. Luciano. This grand ball was held on November 4, 1933 and their guests are: Delfina Luciano, Belen Gueco, Rosa Luciano, Filomena Baluyut, Felisa Lauchengco, Arsenia Calma, Carolina Vega, Miguela Navarro, Rafaela Sanchez, Angela Manaloto, Luzvimind Gwekoh, Arcadia Manaloto, Potenciana Santos, Magdalena Ayuyao, Magdalena Navarro, Olimpia Santos, Nunilon Ayuyao, Justina Santiago, Remedios Santos, Isabel Trinidad, Jose F. Luciano, Florencio L. Tumang, Isabelo Sanchez, Silvestre Cosio, Jose D. Feliciano, Jose M. Navarro, Raymundo Sanchez, Eladio A. Santos, Aristedes Luciano, Dominador Tumang, Jesus Gueco, Juan Gamboa, Benjamin Gwekoh, Manuel Tumang, Dr. Miguel Dayrit, Dr. Claro Feliciano, Dr. Claro Ayuyao, Atty. Isidoro Ayuyao, Atty. Jose C. Morales, Atty. Artemio Vega, Atty. Gil B. Galang, Atty. Silvestre Punzalan, Silvestre Bautista, Marcos Valencia, Demetrio Lacsamana and others. The fate of this group is still unknown.

c. Ing Maldang Caladua

This small elite club was founded by the prominent elite members of Magalang. This club was probably founded in 1934. The managers of this club are Francisco Gamboa and  Fe Laureano Lacson. A noted spectacular grand ball was organized on New Year's Eve in 1935. The venue of this grand ball was held in the lounge of municipal hall. The front of the municipal hall was decorated with hundreds of poly-chrome lights with balloons, confetti, trumpets and hats. This ball invited various personalities in Pampanga and neighboring provinces to witness the lavish party that promised to "eclipse the whole town".  The organizers are the leading upper society members of Magalang like Dr. Salvador Gueco, Dr. Servillano Ayuyao, Dr. Claro Feliciano, Emilio B. Lacson, Raymundo Sanchez, Florencio Tumang and Crispulo Santos. The ladies committee are composed of Rosario Luciano, Domitila Mercado, Magdalena Ayuyao, Eugenia Lising, Luzvimind Gwekoh and Filomena Baluyut.

d. El Club S.O.S 

This small elite club was founded in barrio Tinabang (Sto Rosario) in Magalang. The only noted party organized by this club was held in barrio fiesta on May 28, 1935. The party was held in the Sto Rosario Elementary School premises decorated with lush foliage and lovely flowers. The party music was played by the Melody Boys orchestra. The organizers of this ball was mostly members of Mountain Side Club. The committee was composed of Domitila Mercado, Felicidad de Jesus, Adela Contreras, Felicidad Tumang, Purita Dizon, Soledad Datu, Rafaela Sanchez, Purita Tiglao, Dr. Claro Ayuyao, Nicasio Lacson, Rustico Navarro, Ernesto Dizon, Salvador Datu, Martin Mercado, Onofre Lacson and Francisco Jocson.

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