Nung Ninu Ca Man
Nang: Louie Aldrin L. Bartolo

Nung ninu ca man
Tanggapan ra ca qng bie cu
Alang taung milalang qng yatu
Na casing pante ning Dios

Aliua mu ing santing ing magdala
Nune ing ganaca mu ing magtas
Lalawan cu man ing cecang santing
Lalu cung paniglon ing cayapan mu

Matula cu qng masuelu mung mata
Cumabie cu qng mayumu mung timan
Metagkil cu qng mayap mung gamat
Gamat na tune masabal at ayasahan 

Nung sana ica na ing panayan cu
Ipasiag cu ing pilub luban cu queca
Igulisak cu ing lagyu mu qng sabla
At isalicut da ca qng pusu cu capilan pa man

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All we know that agriculture is very important in every aspect of our lives. It provides food and even economic benefits. Thus, the insular government of the Philippines supported agricultural education. They established agricultural schools in some provinces in the Philippines. We are lucky that they revitalized the existing agricultural experiment station located in the foothills of Mt. Arayat in Magalang. They decided to put up a school way back in 1901 but it was only in 1918 when it was formally implemented. The American authorities put up Pampanga Agricultural School and later it was renamed into Pampanga Agricultural High School which is known today as Pampanga State Agricultural University. In an news account according to the local Spanish language periodical, La Vanguardia; many students are attracted to pursue agricultural education. And many of them are came from different provinces in the Philippines. As stated by the periodical published in June 21, 1934:

"Surpassing the enrollment record last year, the Pampanga Agricultural High School's enrollment had been increased due to a new trend. The students are preferred to take practical studies than academic studies. The registration of the new students was extended until the 25th day of this month, and it will expected that more students are matriculated in this school than last year. The unexpected increase of enrollment in the agricultural school of this province; seems to indicate that many parents are sending their children to this school so that their children can attend practical studies; and academic studies seem don't produce satisfactory results. And despite of economic crisis that affected in the neighboring provinces, which the province of Pampanga is still unaffected; parents are convinced, that in order to ensure the empowerment of their children and to promote economic development of the province. And this is also the best way to make their children to learn and perfect themselves in the work for the stable economic of the province and for the whole country. This is verified by the fact that the enrollment in the high schools in Bacolor and San Fernando is lower compared to last year.    

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La Agricultura Atrae a Muchos en la Pampanga, La Vanguardia, Thursday, June 21, 1934, Manila page 3.