Consuelo Narciso Nunag (standing)
Josefa Paz Narciso del Rosario (sitting, left)
Mercedes Narciso Tayag (sitting, below right)

Narcisos are one of the prominent families in neighboring city of Angeles. Narcisos are famous in the fields of trade and commerce, health industry and education sector. But, did you know that Narcisos are also have Magaleño blood? Some Magaleño old timers are very familiar with Narcisos due to its connections to our town Magalang. Their family history traced back to the spouses, Luis Amirante Narciso and Maxima Suarez Lacson. Both of them are born in Angeles but when Maxima was still young, she was brought by her parents, Cristobal Lacson, who was a former gobernadorcillo of Angeles, and Agustina Suarez to their new land they cleared in Magalang. Maxima was second eldest among the children of Cristobal to his second wife, Agustina. His younger brothers, Manuel, Aniceto and Anacleto were later served as gobernardorcillos of Magalang. while Pablo will later serve as gobernadorcillo accidental (acting mayor) of Angeles and later, as juez de paz of Magalang. 

Luis and Maxima got married and they settled in barrio Bical in Mabalacat. Bical in that time, was one of the lands that Maxima's father, Cristobal cleared and become part of his landholdings. Both of them inherited their land after Cristobal died. They were become industrious until they achieved as one of the richest landowners of Bical and also of Mabalacat. Luis served gobernadorcillo of Mabalacat in several terms. The couple bore three children, Ludovico, Petra and Maria Magdalena. Ludovico initially served as cabeza de barangay when he was only twenty four years old and he rose his prominence as one of the prominent members of Mabalacat principalia. Later, he served as gobernadorcillo of Mabalacat and first municipal president of Mabalacat when Americans occupied the town. 

Ludovico married his relative, Gregoria Lacson of Angeles on November 23, 1880. Their wedding sponsors are Aniceto Lacson and Raymunda Lacson; Ludovico's mother Maxima younger siblings. Their marriage produced fourteen children; Pedro, a doctor married Camila de Liza, Felicidad married Marcos Lumanlan, Arsenio married his first cousin, Rosario Miranda and after her death, he married Ines Santos, Alfredo I, Juan Crisostomo married a beautiful pharmacist from Arayat, Esperanza Aliwalas, Jose Pedro married Josefa Mendiola, Ceferino married Africa Mesina, Edilberto married Maura Suarez, Consuelo married Eugenio Nunag, Josefa Paz Narciso-del Rosario, Angelina, Alfredo II, married Agustina Pabalan of Sta Ana, Manuel married Joaquina Ganzon and Mercedes married Dr. Jose Tayag. After Gregoria's death in 1912, Ludovico married Antonina Naguit and they bore four children, Leonila Hospicia, Luis, an architect married Josefa Fredeswinda Henson, Gerardo, a doctor married Amparo Brodett and Modesto married Remedios Vargas. Ludovico had children out of wedlock to Claudia Reyes; Felisa, married Agapito Marucut, Isaias and Galicano. 

Ludovico's sister Petra married Pedro Paras of Culubasa, Mexico and they settled in barrio Dapdap in Mabalacat. After the war, they settled permanently in Dau, also in Mabalacat. Their marriage produced seven children; Ramon married Rosa Cabigting, Alejandra married Dominador Quiazon, Federico Andres married Maria Reyes, Jose Gonzalo, Maria Trinidad, Alfredo and Mercedes, married her second cousin, Manuel Urquico. 

Ludovico's younger sister Maria Magdalena, married Felipe Miranda, a son of a small landowner in Bical. Their marriage produced five children, Maria Rosario married her first cousin, Arsenio Narciso, Ricardo Felipe, Maria Consuelo, Conrado Horacio married Amparo Gueco and Maria Patrocinio. 

According to some accounts, Narcisos tends to have connections with their relatives in Magalang, especially when they introduce their expertise music education and health services. One of the best examples is Purita Narciso, daughter of Arsenio Narciso and Rosario Miranda. Before the war, she lived in old Feliciano mansion in barrio San Pedro whom it was owned by her aunt, Maria Paras de Feliciano, a daughter of Raymunda Lacson, younger sister of Purita's grandmother Maxima. At that time, she taught piano lessons. She also conducting piano recitals to show the showcase of her talents in playing piano. When war broke out, almost all of Narcisos leaved Angeles to escape the atrocities of the Japanese, and they settled in Feliciano mansion. Some of their family members, together with other evacuees served the Magaleños by distributing medical and relief services to families affected by the war. The last Nariciso who lived in Magalang is Ludovico's younger son, Dr. Gerardo Narciso. He chose to practice his medical profession in Magalang in early 50s up to late 60s. At that time, he was one of the famous doctors in Magalang. 

At present, Narcisos are famous in the fields of health industry, trade and commerce, religion, music and other fields of profession. One of the best examples of Narcisos, is Fr. Tarcisio Maria H. Narciso, OSB, who is former abbot of Our Lady of Monserrat abbey of the Benedictine order, his sister Fredeswinda Narciso Bauzon, was the former high school principal of Holy Angel University, and another brother, Architect Teodoro Narciso, corporate lawyer Atty. Edilberto S. Narciso, Jr., Filonila Tayag Lansang, owner of Batis Azul and musician, Conrado Titus N. del Rosario.

Photo Credit: Consuelo Narciso-Nunag (standing), Josefa Paz Narciso-del Rosario, (sitting left) and Mercedes Narciso-Tayag (sitting below): Angeles University Foundation; Institute of Kapampangan Studies.   


  1. The article is very informative and entertaining. More research like this must be encouraged to preserve the history of famous families in our localities.

    However, i hope that there should also be a conscientious effort to check the grammar before posting. Thank you.

  2. Hi there po...Thanks po for your appreciation and corrections...I have little bit errors on grammar I'm sorry but I will fix the flaws....

  3. "Amirante" should be "Amarante."

  4. Sir, in old records which I traced....Its Amirante...

  5. Dear Mr. Bartolo, Thank you for your superb and very informative article on the Narciso-Lacson clan. I am impressed on the detailed and very accurate research. I happened to be one of the innumerable grandchildren of the late Don Ludovico Lacson Amirante Narciso; the youngest son of Consuelo Narciso Nunag, one of his daughters who died in 1985. I am a retired physician from Greendale, Wisconsin and Angeles City. I was 9 yrs. old when my grandfather passed away. I am quite amazed of the enclosed picture of my dear mother with her two younger sisters. I believe they were still single then. I have exactly the same copy in my possession. I am grateful for you have enlightened us more of our ancestors especially the prominent Lacsons of Magalang. I am sure most of my relatives will feel the same. We didn't know much about our maternal grandmother Gregoria. The only answer we got from our mother was these:"Taga Magalang ya kareng Lacson familia. Malagu ya, kalupa neng Mang Dedi"(Mercedes Narciso Tayag.) A lot of kudos and power to you and the Institute of Kapampangan Studies at the Holy Angel University, my alma mater in High School Class of 1957, when it was an Academy. What a great and renowned Learning Center it turned up to be. The Pride of Angeles City, Pampanga if not of the whole Philippines. Sincerely, Armando N. Nunag,M.D.

  6. Hi po! Thanks for your appreciation of my post regarding to the Narcisos. I heard already about Narcisos from my relatives in Lacson side.. They told me that Narcisos are very close to us...They are also Lacsons too by blood...But they are very familiar with the Felicianos who has mansion near public market in Magalang...The picture of Apung Dede is came from the late Evangelina Hilario Lacson's collections from Angeles University Foundation whom she served there as university registrar. We are same school to...I graduated high school and college from Holy Angel University. But the HAU's Center of Kapampangan Studies gives me lot technical assistance to finish my book, The Magalang Book...In my book, there also the family history of Narcisos too...Dakal pu salamat king appreciation pu..sana pu mikilala tamu pu someday kauli yu pu keti Pampanga....Thank you po! And God Bless po Lolo...

    Louie Aldrin Lacson Bartolo
    Magalang, Pampanga

  7. Hi I bear the Narciso surname and eager to know my genealogy. My grandfather was from Arayat, is there any relation of the Narciso of Angeles and Narciso of Arayat?