Don Pablo M. Luciano

Luciano family is one of the prominent families of Magalang. They are known for owning vast tracts of land in the town proper; which makes up to the present upscale subdivision of Marbea; they also owned vast tracts of land in barrio San Pablo stretching to barrio San Agustin. They have also large tracts of land in Balitucan in barrio San Ildefonso. Their popularity stretches from the political, religious and commerce and also to the fields of sports and showbiz industry. Lucianos traced their lineage back to the couple of Faustino David Luciano and Silvina Dizon David. Faustino was born in Arayat to Benedicto Luciano and Benedicta David. Silvina was born in Magalang in which the town proper was located in San Bartolome at that time. Her parents are Alejandro David, served gobernadorcillo of Magalang and Martina Dizon. Silvina has a brother, Juan who served as gobernadorcillo of Magalang in 1858 and he was the patriarch of the present Samson families of Magalang. Faustino and Silvina married in 1838 in Arayat; and their marriage produced four children; Pablo, Felipe, Anastacia and Natalia. Later, Faustino was appointed gobernardorcillo of Magalang in 1842.

In 1863, Magalang experienced a disastrous tragedy that Magaleños will never forget. Parua river was overflowed and engulfed the whole town proper. Some of the old residents' lives perished, properties destroyed, and everybody greatly affected. Old residents of San Bartolome disagreed about the transfer of the town proper. Faustino's son Pablo was appointed as gobernadorcillo of Magalang in that time; and the issue of transfer was never been settled. Aquino, Quiambao and Pineda families proposed the transfer of the town from San Bartolome to the northern barrio of Matondo, while the parish priest, Fr. Ignacio Manzanares, OSA proposed the transfer of the town to San Pedro Talimunduc in the foothills of Mt. Arayat; which cleared earlier by the residents from Angeles led by Cristobal Lacson. To solve the disagreement, Alcalde Mayor Ramon Barroeta issued an order on December 13, 1863 to transfer the town from San Bartolome to San Pedro Talimunduc. He also laid out the foundations of a new town bordering Parua river on the north, later it will become the new town of Concepcion. Fr. Ignacio Manzanares, OSA led the transfer together with Pablo and his family; with Suing, Cortes, Dizon and David families joined them. Fr. Manzanares successfully transferred the town proper with the old residents of San Pedro Talimunduc welcomed them.

Pablo served as gobernadorcillo of Magalang until 1864; the last gobernadocillo of the whole Magalang (together with Concepcion). He served once again as gobernadorcillo in 1881, but he resigned due to health reasons. He became the first juez de paz of Magalang in 1886. Pablo married Antonia Lazatin of Mabalacat and they bore five children; Eugenia, Andres, Jose, Ricardo and Pablo. Eugenia married Juan Feliciano; Andres, a doctor and served as assemblyman in Philippine Assembly in 1912 married three times, his first wife, Maria Luisa Luciano, his second wife is Beatriz Feliciano and third and last wife is Antonina Lising. Jose married Aurelia Magdañgal; Ricardo married two times, his first wife is Gregoria David of Angeles and his second wife was a certain woman from Pamintuan family; and Pablo married Rosalina Luciano.

Felipe was appointed as teniente mayor of Magalang in 1885. He first married Juana Dizon, but they childless. After Juana's death, Felipe married Luisa Yutuc; and their marriage bore four children; Antonio, Miguela, Ceferina and Maria Luisa. Antonio served as municipal president of Magalang in 1923, married three times, his first wife is Juana Trinidad, second wife is Rosa Dalusung and third and last wife, Nicolasa Quizon, a school teacher; Ceferina married Alfonso Manaloto and Maria Luisa married his first cousin, Dr. Andres J. Luciano; Miguela remained single for the rest of her life. After Luisa died, he married a certain woman from Cruz family and they bore only child, Rosalina, married to his first cousin, Pablo A. Luciano.

The famous present generation of the Lucianos are, Victor Jose I. Luciano, former president of Clark International Airport Authority, basketball player and coach, Ed Ocampo, and the veteran film actress, Liza Lorena and his son, actor Tonton Gutierrez.

Photo Credit: Pablo M. Luciano; Capagmasusian Qng Aldo Pangasilang ning Magalang, Diciembre 28-29, 1963

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