First Class Picture of Grade One Class at San Francisco Primary School
under Ms. Melania S. Mamangun. Taken in 1964
Barangay San Francisco was probably founded by Don Cristobal Lacson. It was cleared and become part of his vast landholdings covering all over the barrio and nearby barrios. After he died, it was inherited and divided among his sons, Doroteo, Aniceto and Manuel Lacson. San Francisco had seven sitios; Tambacan, Camachilles. Mapacu, Mabato-Bato, Batiawan, Calubsuban and Tinabi. The large Camachilles was inherited by Don Doroteo Lacson while Tambacan was inherited by Don Aniceto Lacson and Don Manuel Lacson, with Don Manuel had the lion's share. Later, the property of Don Manuel composed of present sitio Batiawan was sold to the couple, Don Fernando Tayag and Doña Elena Paras; founders of barrio La Paz. In 1892, the couple mortgaged the land to Don Isidoro Santos. In 1916, the land was taken over by Don Isidoro and it was inherited by his son Amado Santos. San Francisco witnessed the one of the fiercest battles in Magalang. In 1899, Major General Arthur Mac Arthur together with Col. Jacob H. Smith (who ordered the Balangiga Massacre in 1901) attacked the insurgents' position in Magalang led by Major General Servillano Aquino. Their combined forces killed 100 defenders and 50 men captured. In 1960s, San Francisco was the one of the hotbeds of insurgency in Magalang. Faustino del Mundo, known as Commander Sumulong established his quarters briefly in this barrio together with his men. San Francisco nowadays is one of the progressive barrios in Magalang. It was placed under the protection of St. Francis of Assisi. It had an independent parish carved out from San Bartolome Parish in 1996; The Lord's Epiphany Parish. San Francisco is known for its several first and second class relics enshrined in different chapels in the barrio. One of them is the first class relic of St. Francis of Assisi enshrined in the parish church last 2016. Recently, two relics was enshrined in sitios Tambacan and Mabatu Bato respectively. One of them is the second class relic of St. Claire of Assisi located in Tambacan and the first class relic of St. Padre Pio Pietrelcina located in sitio Mabatu Bato.        

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