Facade of Magalang Municipal Hall, 1928

Magalang municipal building was one of the imposing landmarks in Magalang, It is located within the town proper, across of Plaza de la Libertad going to San Bartolome Church. Ever since, the municipal building was the house of authority and local governance of Magalang. The building traced its roots to the old casa tribunal built during Spanish period. The old tribunal was probably built after the transfer of the town from San Bartolome. It was made up of wood, bamboo and nipa roofing. In 1868, it was robbed by the bandits led by Isidoro Guinto. In 1875, it was refurbished during the administration of Don Tereso Manalo, gobernadorcillo of Magalang. And during that time, they added the military barracks or so called cuartel. In 1896, the casa tribunal was further renovated during the administration of Don Paulino Gueco, capitan municipal of Magalang. The casa tribunal was used as one of the quarters of revolutionaries in 1896; and this place where Fr. Pedro Diez Ubierna, OSA; the last Augustinian parish priest of Magalang and two other Spaniards held their last holy confession; and later, they were maltreated by the revolutionaries. 

Old Interior of Magalang Municipal Hall, 1937

During the American period, the old casa tribunal was replaced with the new edifice during the presidency of Don Antonio Y. Luciano, municipal president of Magalang. The construction took place on 1922; and the contractor is the Manila Structural Company. Interestingly, according to The Philippine Journal of Science published in 1927, the materials used in the construction of the new municipal building was quarried locally. The basalt and quartz component of the building was quarried in the Quitangil river; while the seoriaceous basalt components was quarried along Paitan river. The new municipal building was finally inaugurated in 1924. Fortunately, the municipal building survived during the war and from different natural calamities struck the town. The interior of the building was renovated in 1994 during the administration of Mayor Daniel L. Lacson, Jr. In 2015, the National Museum of the Philippines declared the municipal building as one of the Important Cultural Properties of the Philippines; together with the San Bartolome Church and the heliograph towers of barrios Sta. Cruz and San Isidro. 

Photo Credits:

For facade of Magalang Municipal Building: The Port of Manila, Philippine Islands

For old interior of the municipal building: Luciano family through the assistance of Mrs. Marga R. Lacson and Mrs. Teresita Suba. 


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