Atanasia Pamintuan Lacson (seated, left), Rogelio Lacson Lacson (standing, center) and Emilio Baron Lacson (seated, right)

The Baron family are one of the leading landowning families in Magalang. Their vast landholdings are located in barrio Sta Maria, Sitio Cabayung Sarul in barrio San Ildefonso all in Magalang, and in the former town proper of Magalang in barrio San Bartolome in Concepcion, Tarlac. In my previous post, "Magalang According to Anuario del Comercio", it was mentioned that Barons are one of the leading rice and sugar planters of Magalang during Spanish period. The Barons traced their ancestry to the couple, Don Bruno Baron and Doña Maria Yutuc. The couple has five children; Silvestra, Guillermo, Faustina, Antonia and Juliana. 

Their firstborn, Silvestra remained unmarried while Guillermo married Marcelina David; and the couple had seven children; Mariano, Soledad, Lucas, Fausta, Virginia, Tiburcio, and Candido. Mariano, who owned Cabayung Sarul married Lucia Gueco Mercado. During the Huk insurgency in Magalang, he was ambushed and killed by alleged members of Huks. His siblings, Soledad married Mariano Bernarte, Lucas married Iluminada Dizon, Fausta married Alejandro Gervacio, Virginia married Alejandro Tañedo, Tiburcio married his first cousin, Felisa Baron Cuyugan and Candido married Teodora Punu Gueco. 

Atty. Jesus Mercado Baron, former Vice Mayor of Magalang

Faustina married Ruperto Castro Layug, and they had only son Felix. After Ruperto's death, she later married Timoteo Vasquez Lacson, son of Don Manuel Suarez Lacson. former gobernadorcillo (mayor) of Magalang in 1868 and Doña Magdalena Vasquez of Porac. And they had only son, Emilio whom he eventually married his aunt, Atanasia Pamintuan Lacson, youngest child of Don Pablo Suarez Lacson and Doña Martina Quizon Pamintuan! (Emilio's father, Timoteo and Emilio's wife, Atanasia are both first cousins and their both fathers are siblings). Apung Milyo and Apung Taning had a only child, Rogelio whom he died in 1949 due to appendicitis. 

Vivencio Baron Cuyugan

Antonia married Saturnino Pamintuan Cuyugan of San Fernando, and their children are; Regino, Felix, Arturo, Bernardo, Elenita, Vivencio married Felisa Amurao, Jose married Benita Gueco Tumang, Felisa married her first cousin, Tiburcio David Baron, and Segundino married Emerenciana Gueco. One of their famous children, Vivencio served as the first socialist mayor of San Fernando and first socialist mayor all over the Philippines. His tenure started from 1937 to 1942; and again in 1945. He obtained his law degree in the United States through his talent in boxing. He was the one of the founders of Hukbong Bayan Laban sa Hapon or Hukbalahap, who fought the invading Japanese. He was relieved by the returning Americans because of his leadership in Hukbalahap. After World War II, he fought the rights of poor farmers and workers. He was later jailed and tortured together with his family in 1953 on charge that he was a communist. He died in 1971. 

The youngest children of Don Bruno and Doña Maria, Juliana married Sixto Magno but they had no children. One of the known descendant of the Barons is the former vice mayor of Magalang, Atty. Jesus Mercado Baron, son of landowner, Mariano David Baron and Lucia Gueco Mercado. 

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Family of Emilio and Atanasia L. Vda. de Lacson courtesy of Lacson family

Atty. Jesus M. Baron: from the personal possession of the blogger 

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