Promoting products and services in Magalang is promoted through simple advertisements. The old ads are usually published in some local periodicals in Pampanga; and also in souvenir programs of the local government of Magalang. They served also as sponsors in various activities in the town. One of the example is an ad of Parent's Teachers Association of Magalang Elementary School (above); together with the officers in School Year 1954-1955. Other ads also promoting different educational institutions in Magalang. One of the example is the ad of the first private high school institution; the Magalang Institute (below). The ad of the school has a greeting for the celebration of "foundation day" of the town; despite the original founding date of the town is April 30, 1605. 

However, Magalang Institute since its founding year in 1946 by the late Atty. Isidoro D. Ayuyao, it proudly announced that the school garnered the second highest score in Pampanga and forty ninth among the schools in the Philippines. The school principal that time is Mrs. Rosa Naguit de la Paz; and school director, Dr. Claro D. Ayuyao. Magalang Institute is still operational today and it is one of the largest private high school institutions of Magalang. Dr. Nunilon G. Ayuyao, daughter of Atty. Isidoro D. Ayuyao is the present director of the school.

The ad of Students Vocational School (above), located in San Fernando was founded by Mr. Ciriaco C. Toledano, who hailed from barrio San Miguel, Magalang, Pampanga. The school offered short classes in typewriting, stenography and bookkeeping.


The retail trade in Magalang was dominated by Chinese immigrants. One of these retail stores was owned by Mr. Pablo Siy Hian (above), who ran a grocery store. Another one was owned by Mr. Alfonso Chan Gioc, fondly known as Dioca. He operated La Suerte Bakery and General Merchandise (below) who eventually known today as Chan Gioc Minimart. Dioca has two sons, Felix and Fernando. Felix established FCC Supermarket while Fernando inherited the operations of La Suerte. 

However, a prosperous Magaleño entrepreneur proudly announced on his ad that his business was "100% Filipino Capital". The Paras Bakery and Grocery Store (below) was owned by Mr. Emilio P. Paras, a former municipal councilor of Magalang. His business was still operational, but the only bakery remained in operation. The operation of the bakery was passed to his daughter, Carmelita Lacson Paras. 

A lone cooperative store was setup to sell goods in reasonable price. From dry and canned goods, glass wares, fancy items and even appliances were the products of Magalang Cooperative Store (below). This cooperative store was later folded up.

Luckily, the sleepy town has a photo studio who offered services to capture photographs in different occasions. Loleng's Art Studio (below) was the precursor of now defunct Pol Studio, a known photo studio in Magalang during 70s to 90s. operated by the late Mr. Apolonio "Pol" Cruz. 

If Pampanga had Pambusco, Magalang had a local bus company serving Magaleños going to Angeles. The Pacemaker Transportation (below) was owned by Mr. Jose P. Feliciano; fondly known as JP. His majestic mansion is located near the public market. After JP's death, Pacemaker was gradually ceased its operations. Later, a local bus line Thames, owned by the late Mr. Edmundo Tayag; rose to prominence as one of the leading bus company in Magalang serving Angeles-Magalang route. Today, few buses was still seen in Magalang; serving the commuters going to Angeles. 


Obviously, Magalang is an agricultural town. Rice and sugarcane is the main crops of the town. Some landowners devoted their lands in cultivation of rice; and they established rice mills to buy the rice produced by the fellow landowners and small farmers. Two rice mills is the largest in the town. The Esperanza Vda. de Baluyut rice mill (below) was located in barrio San Pedro II. The owner itself fondly known her as Maestrang Atsang was a retired school teacher of Magalang Elementary School. She passed the operations of the mill to her daughter, Filomena married to Jose P. Feliciano. Today, this old rice mill was already demolished.

Another one is the David-Feliciano rice mill (below) located in barrio San Nicolas I, across the old Pasudeco station. The rice mill is said one of the modern in that time, established by Pablo M. David. The operations of the mill was passed to his daughter, Maria F. David, fondly known her as Apung Kiting. The said rice mill was already demolished, and some ruins of this rice mill was still be seen.

Medicines are formulated by some of the pharmacists in Magalang. One of the known pharmacies in the town, is the pharmacy owned by the late Gerardo F. Feliciano. He was pharmacist in profession and also a landowner. Unfortunately, he was kidnapped and ambushed by the alleged Huks. His pharmacy, Farmacia La Magaleña (below, left) passed to his wife, Beatriz D. Vda, de Feliciano.

Another pharmacy named the patron saint of the town, San Bartolome Apostol. The pharmacy, Botica San Bartolome (above, right) was established by Mr. Cezar T. Zablan, a former medicine student. These two pharmacies ceased its operations.

Landlords dominated the economic and social life of the Magaleños. Aside from local elite clubs, such as El Circulo Magaleño and Mountainside club, an association was established to protect the interests of the landowners. The Magalang Planters Association Incorporated (above) was formed by prominent Magaleño landowners. In 1954, Mr. Jose P. Feliciano was the president of the organization.

Outside Magalang, there are some enterprises were setup by the Magaleños in different products and services offered. One of them is a small local periodical based in San Fernando. The local daily, Capampangan, Ing Pajayagan Yu (above) was setup by Mr. Salvador G. Tumang, who hailed from Magalang.

Another one is an insurance company based in Manila, owned by Mr. Angeles P. Mariano of San Pedro I, Magalang. His insurance business offered fire and marine insurance, bonds and casualty insurance, worksmen compensation, and they even offered loans and mortgages and motor cars. The A.P. Mariano and Company Incorporated (above) was located in Escolta, Manila.

Lastly, a two sisters hailed from barrio San Antonio, Magalang and they engaged in textile dealership in Manila. The sisters, Aurea Samson Perez (above, left) and Juanita Samson (above, right)  are daughters of Isaac David Lising, a grandson of Don Juan David, gobernadorcillo of Magalang in 1858. Don Juan David is a brother of Doña Silvina David, matriarch of prominent Luciano families.


Capagmasusian Qng Aldo Pangasilang Ning Magalang, 1954.

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