Major General Arthur MacArthur, Jr.

After successive capture of Calulut in San Fernando and Angeles by the Americans, Major General Servillano Aquino (great grandfather of former president Benigno S. Aquino III) was pushed to the southern half of Magalang. To capture the town, Major General Arthur Mac Arthur, Jr. (father of liberator, General Douglas MacArthur) ordered his 4th Cavalry to resume their march to Magalang from Calulut. The cavalry was joined by the combined forces of 17th Infantry, 1st Artillery and Signal Corps commanded by Colonel Jacob H. Smith (known for his later brutal exploits in Balangiga Massacre) whom they marched out from Angeles. They were able to join the marching 4th Cavalry along Angeles-Magalang road in barrio San Jose. In that day, they fought the forces of General Aquino and they successfully captured San Jose with 49 casualties, 15 wounded, and they took 28 prisoners. 

Major General Servillano A. Aquino

The massive American forces also captured the outpost in barrio San Francisco, with 100 casualties, and they captured 50 prisoners. In the following day, Americans captured the last stronghold of the insurgents in barrio San Pedro until they withdrew in San Bartolome Church. Americans fought a fierce battle on November 5, 1899; and in the afternoon of the same day, Americans finally captured the church and the town proper with 200 casualties on the insurgents' side. Americans also looted the town and they burned all of the houses surrounding the town proper. General Aquino made his last stand in barrio Masapinit (present day barrio San Antonio and probably, Dolores) but they were finally drove by the Americans in November 7, 1899. 

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