Mr. William S. Irey's Cooking Apparatus 

Did you know that our ancestor's first teachers are their mothers? They teach them them on how to read and for the girls, to do household chores. But in turn of the century, Spanish friars teach us on how to pray and observe religious norms. Until 1863, the Educational Decree was promulgated; the decree states that every pueblo or town has every one school. And, according to Spanish magazine, Anuario del Comercio, Magalang has profesor y profesoras in the name of Serapion Q. Carreon, Candida Ordoñez and Paula Rodriguez educated some Magaleños at their time. When the revolution broke, the operation of the schools was halted. Until 1899, American soldiers started teaching basic English classes in Magalang. When the Thomasites arrived in 1901, one of them, Mr. William Silas Irey was deployed in Magalang in the same year. Mr. Irey was born in Marsh, West Chester, Pennsylvania. He obtained his degree in education in West Chester State Normal School (now West Chester University). He obtained thirteen years of teaching experience in the United States for thirteen years. When he was assigned in Magalang in 1901, he setup Magalang Elementary School was then located across the Magalang Municipal Hall. In 1902, he was replaced by Mr. John W. Osborn whom he was appointed later as the first principal of Pampanga High School in 1908. 

Magalang District Teaching Force circa 1939-1940. The district supervisor
that time is Mr. Pedro N. Roque (standing, forth on second row)
In 1906, Mabalacat-Magalang District was established, placing all of the public elementary schools in Mabalacat and Magalang under a supervising teacher, presently known as district supervisor. The first supervising teacher of Mabalacat-Magalang District was Mr. Joseph Flaherthy based in Mabalacat Elementary School. While the first Filipino principal of Magalang Elementary School was the maestro, Mr. Serapion Q. Carreon. In 1912, Magalang District was separated from Mabalacat District. Since then, some barrio schools was established in Magalang which become the catalyst to mold the minds, hearts and future of young Magaleños. Until 2011, Magalang District was divided into two school districts, the Magalang South District and Magalang North District. The present district supervisor of Magalang South District is Mr. Teodulo P. Esguerra, Jr. while the present district supervisor of Magalang North District is Dr. Lucrecia M. Dizon. This two school districts has the enduring legacy and heritage; and also, they are the one of the best performing school districts in Division of Pampanga. 

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Cooking Apparatus by Mr. William S. Irey; United States Patent and Trademark Office, 1911; www.google.com/patents/US 1007700; Retrived: October 28, 2016.

Magalang District Teaching Force, 1939-1940 by Dr. Ignacio P. Morales

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