Map of Magalang in 1818 

Magalang in fact; is one of the oldest towns in Pampanga. It was started as visita of neighboring town of Arayat. However, it was separated from Arayat by the Augustinian friars in April 30, 1605; with Fr. Gonzalo de Salazar, O.S.A. as the first pastor. According to Fr. Gaspar de San Agustin's Conquistas de las Islas Filipinas, Magalang was called Magalo. Magalo was derived from the Kapampangan word, "Galo" means wavy or moving describing the dangerous waves and flows of Parua River. Another term for Magalang is derived from the word respect. Other sources indicates that Magalang has other names namely: Magala, Magao, and Magalao. When Magalang was transferred in barrio San Bartolome in 1734, it was called San Bartolome de Magalang named after the patron saint of the town itself, San Bartolome Apostol. After its final transfer of Magalang to barrio San Pedro Talimunduc in 1863, it was also called San Pedro de Magalang named after the patron saint of the barrio itself San Pedro Apostol. Spaniards sometimes they will pronounced as Magalan because it lacks the letter "Ng" in the Spanish alphabet. During the early American period, it was still using Magalan but in the middle of 1930s, it was shortened back into its familiar name, Magalang. 

Map: Descripcion Geografica y Topograpica de la Ysla de Luzon o Nueva Castilla por Don Yldefonso de Aragon. 

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